Tuesday, March 29, 2011

who we really are.

I'm still living in and wrestling with yesterday's Gospel lesson: The Woman at the Well.  I'm looking forward to discussing it further this coming week as part of our Bad Girls of the Bible class.  But in the meantime I'm still sitting with it.  I'm still amazed from the woman's joy and reaction to Jesus presence and God's grace.  As I read the chapter, Dying for a Drink, tears came to my eyes.  The reality that God....and only God...truly knows us, truly sees us for who we are...who we desire to be...who we wish we were...our strengths and our weaknesses....nothing is hidden. 

In the presence of Jesus, the woman at the well, deep down knew that Jesus saw her for who she truly is.
Jesus sees us for who we really, truly are...at our best times and at our worst times. 

Sunday during communion a young child was at the rail with her mother.  As I walked up to bless her, she was sticking her tongue out at her mom.  It was the grace and love of God that moved through me as I made the sign of the cross on her forehead and said, "You are a child of God.  God loves you and God blesses you."  In our bad, grumpy, sulky, jerky moments, God sees us and loves us anyway. 

I'm thankful for that.


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