Friday, March 11, 2011

God at work.

No really....God was at work as a person who bags your groceries today. 

I was running errands with a woman and her daughter and we stopped at the grocery store.  Each of us carried things different things through the store.  The daughter carried her bag of pizza flavored goldfish and put it on the check out it moved along with the rest of the groceries, she kept a close eye on it. 

As the grocery bagger was putting all the items together, he took the goldfish and put them in a separate plastic bag, tied the top and handed it to the little girl.  That moment was such a simple moment.  Yet so important to that young girl.  What an impact that man made by doing that.  All of us thanked him individually...yet I wonder if he knows how deep an impact he made on each of us.  The mother and I kept saying how nice it was for him to do that...

Such a simple act, that showed us amazing grace. 

Some glimpses of the kingdom are so may not even see them...but they are there, they are here with us every day. 

Thank you God for showing your love to the smallest of us.  Thanks, God, for reminding me of the love, compassion and care you have for everything in your creation.  Especially in the wake of the earthquake in Japan and the tsunamis resulting from that great earth continue to be with us in the midst of it all.  Help me to wrap my mind around natural disasters and the destruction, death and grief in their wake.   Continue to help me (us) be your presence to others who are hurt or hurting, who have just lost loved ones, who now need to our hands to do your work. 

+God's peace  

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