Saturday, March 19, 2011

all about me.

In the midst of meetings and things to get ready for worship, I found rest and rejuvenation. 

Thanks to the many women of Trinity (and the community) who gathered together to take a "me day."  In the fellowship hall women of multiple generations were quilling, sewing, cross stitching, painting, decorating journals, quilting, knitting, and some other craft cutting out detailed pictures...I can't remember the name of it.

In the midst of it there was laughter, there were conversation and relationships were being built. 

So often, we get so busy...we are often giving of ourselves and our time...which is who God created us to be.  We are called to live and love and care for one another...but it is important that from time to time, we take care to let ourselves be cared for.  In seminary they called it "Self Care".  Making sure that in the midst of a vocation that calls us to care for others, we are also taking care of ourselves.  Because here's the thing, if we are under par, if we are worn out or stressed out, then the care we give, the time we share with others, is compromised...we're not at our best.  Our ability to share God's grace is hindered when we are tired, hungry and missing God's presence in our own lives. 

So in this season of repentance, take time to turn away from distractions and things that drain you.  Take time to love and care for the you that God created you to be.  
Nurture and care for yourself so that God can continue do amazing awesome work through you!


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