Wednesday, December 26, 2018

My word for 2019

Hey all...2019 is nearly here.  
I've had a great experience this past year with my word 'wholehearted'.  I let it impact my work, my relationships and my day to day life.  It was a good way to live out the year.  

In 2019 my word is GROWTH.  This past month I've looked in, looked up and looked out at many different words...through prayer, meditation and listening to others, I've come up with growth.  

In addition to one word for the year, I've been inspired by The Happier Podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft and the idea of creating a list of 19 things for 2019.  As I took a few weeks to craft my list, it helped me focus in on a word for the year.  Many of the things on my list will lead towards growth in the area of relationships, faith, fitness, health, wellness, work skills, and personal growth.  

Here's my no particular order. 

1) Read 24 books - 12 my choice, 12 recommended by others (if you have a solid recommendation, please let me know.)

2) Blog my sermons and homilies (right after I preach) and write an additional post each month.  In essence, step up my online presence.   

3) PR in the marathon.  

4) Update Passport.  

5) Seasonal oasis space in the house.  (Create a clean space for reading, writing, meditation, stretching or crafting that is ready all the time.)

6) Start a garden.  

7) Write one hand written note a week.  

8) Send out Christmas cards....ones that contain pictures that Billy and I have taken throughout the year.  

9) Work on website/social media knowledge...for work purposes.  

10) De-clutter know, get rid of or find proper storage for things not used every day. 

11) Try one new healthy recipe a month that becomes second nature - I'll work on a recipe several times throughout the month until it becomes one that I know by heart.  (I already have a handful that I consider 'go to recipes', but I'd like to expand that a healthy way.)  

12) Make handmade/homemade Christmas gifts...I have the skills, it's a matter of planning and starting earlier in the year.  

13) Finish Quilt - yes the one I started in Indiana.  ('nuff said)

14) Play the ukulele in worship or at Pocono Retreat.

15) Date night once a month :) 

16) Find a running coach.

17) Sister weekend/trip. (Sister is totally on board for this one!)

18) Local ladies group...either surrounding fitness, crafty things or book club.

19) Volunteer outside of church...connect with local Girls on the Run Group or Conrad Weiser Cross Country or both?

When I think about growth, a growth chart pops into my head...I'm thinking about artistically journaling or keeping track of ways I see my own growth throughout the year...I'm not sure how that will take shape yet.  It may be a jar with stories or experiences of my growth throughout the year...who knows....

Do you have a word or a list for 2019?  
What is it?  

Here's to 2019 in whatever shape it takes for you, for me and for us all.