Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It seems that there was good energy at Overtime yesterday. 
Coming together in the social hall at the end of the you could see, hear and smell the results of a busy day. 

As you walked by the kitchen you smelled the apple cinnamon muffins baking while the group that made them waited and waited for them to be done!  (The rest of us were drooling from the awesome smell.)

The sounds from the social hall were conversations, laugher and boomwackers!  At least I think they are called boomwackers or boomwhackers?  Anyway, there was a group in a circle with Sarah clapping, singing and playing with the boomwackers...it looked like lots of fun. 

Those who had been working with gymp...that crazy soft plastic stuff....had planted themselves at tables to continue to work on their projects.  I even saw a mom working on a project as she walked out with her daughter saying, I haven't done this in a long time . . .  :)

In the midst of that, some tables had magazine flowers with pipe cleaner stems sitting in recycled airfreshener vases.  There were some hard workers here yesterday...that doesn't mention the crew that was outside playing kickball and other outdoor games in the sun. 

In the midst of all that were two boys, just having a hard time keeping still...a bit of running and a bit of crawling under tables, they just were not in the mood to be stationary.  As I tried to get their attention, I was reminded of this past weeks video devotional we saw during worship....and the importance of seeing the gifts that God has given each and every child that comes to overtime. 

I had them walk down to my office with me...one holding each hand....to a quieter setting we had the chance to chat about different game options and one even taught the other a hand clapping game.  It's amazing how just removing the extra stimulus helped these boys focus a bit more.  One boy got picked up ...and the other one looked for a game for the two of us to play. 

I'm thankful for the calm and quiet kiddos and for the one's brimming over the top with energy.  I'm thankful for all the volunteers yesterday who made it possible to offer all sorts of activities. 

God is pretty busy here in Robesonia...the more hearts and hands, the better.


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