Friday, March 25, 2011

up too late...

A super restful day off...I'm thankful for that. 

This week has been jam-packed...full of ministry opportunities, grace-filled moments, busy times, meetings, conversations, worship, food, collegiality, more food, lots of prayer moments, and yes, I have now finished Season 4 of LOST.  Whew. 

I had the opportunity to get together with a classmate from seminary this afternoon. We talked for hours and hours.  We prayed and ate together and talked some more. 

Seeing old friends is just one more way that God is showing me that I'm in the right place.  While I love meeting new people and making new friends, it is a blessing to be close to friends I haven't seen in a while who are here to love and support me in this new call.  I'm getting a good balance of quiet/me time as well as time with friends.  Both help keep me refreshed and strengthened and ready for the continued ministry I'm called to do here at Trinity. 

All in all a great day...and now to bed.


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