Thursday, March 17, 2011

best alarm clock...ever.

So thankful that interspersed with my alarm clock was a better wake up noise.  The birds were up and at em before I was a joy to hit the snooze button and listen to them in between dozing in and out this morning. 

That was the beginning of a beautiful day.  I was inspired by the voices outside to not spend time on the elliptical machine this morning, but rather to hop on my bike and get out and about. 

This is the view on the way to St. Daniel's:
 An amazing beginning to a wonderful weather and people day :)

Good fellowship, good friends oh and a tasty lunch of soda bread and Irish stew :)  (thanks, to a special delivery:)

It was wonderful to be woken up by another one of God's beautiful was another reminder of the world and God's mission being so much more than just me....thanks, God.  

Until tomorrow . . .

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