Monday, March 14, 2011

more sightings....

After thinking and reflecting upon yesterday's post...I was together with the woman I posted about yesterday.  I said to her, I wrote about you yesterday.  She said, "Not on facebook, I hope!"
"Nope," I said, "in my blog, but you weren't mentioned by name."
"Oh. Okay, she said." 

I had the opportunity to thank her for her sharing yesterday...and what a blessing it was to hear her publicly lift up a sister in Christ.  She shared a bit more about what encouraged her to do it...and that following the meeting she ended up in conversation with another person, just listening to how they were doing....God is always busy and is always up to something.  Yesterday, God was super busy in the life, words and actions of this woman.  (Thanks God, because more than once, she has been your presence in my life.)

We had a large group at Overtime today....lots of love was given and shared between multiple generations....always showing gifts that we have...and always humbling us when we see what others are lacking. 

+God's peace

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