Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the very hungry caterpillar

I love that book by Eric Carle.  The caterpillar who each day of the week eats his way through all sorts of different foods.  I feel like I'm the less than hungry pastor. 

This Lenten journey has been full of good nutrition surrounded by boatloads of fellowship.  Someone at dinner tonight said, this is the season where you'll put on weight.  I don't doubt that could happen.  There have been some amazing homemade soups, hearty breads and tasty desserts.  The fellowship around these meals - in our social hall and in the fellowship halls of community churches has been wonderful. 

Lots of intergenerational conversations and connections...people of all ages eating, laughing and worshipping together...the way we are the Body of Christ of one another is a beautiful thing....

I'm thankful for the nourishment around the table...both in food and in conversation and relationships :)


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