Wednesday, March 16, 2011

expecting God in one place...but finding God in many, many others

So as I headed over to Lenten Family (Fellowship) Night I thought, okay, when I get home, I know that I will blog about Holden Evening Prayer.  I love Holden!  It takes me back to candle light worship at seminary...leading evening prayer there...and singing with good friends.  When I walked into the sanctuary and smelled the incense....I was ready. 

And by golly...Holden was wonderful.  But so was the whole evening.  I ate delicious soups, chatted with families of all shapes and sizes....young and old....just spending time together.  Some painted cross shaped prayer boxes while others watched.  We chatted and laughed and got to know each other just a little bit more :) 

So God was there as we ate, as we talked, laughed and shared stories....God was there as we sang, prayed, and meditated together.  I saw God as a little girl curled up in her grandfather's lap.  I saw God as families ate, worked together and worshipped together.  I saw a glimpse of the kingdom tonight in all that we did together. 

And then came choir rehearsal...what joy I feel when singing...there's that extra added bonus that a bunch of fun people sing in the choir.  So the songs are interspersed with giggles and sometimes guffaws.  It is a group that loves to sing and clearly enjoys each others company.  We have some songs that are easy and others that challenge us...but all of them allow us to lift up our voices to God.  All of them help proclaim God's message to others as we sing. 

Thank you God for the all the voices I heard this day and this evening. 
Thank you for the opportunity to sing and laugh, the opportunity to eat and talk, and for the opportunity to be in fellowship with others.  I look forward to more Wednesdays and the memories we will create together. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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