Sunday, March 27, 2011


So, this afternoon did not leave many of us with the outcome we were hoping for.  The Luther Bobble Head Trophy, alas, did come come to Trinity. 

But I can say this, there was great energy, passion, laughter, and fun had on the multiple volleyball courts that were going between 1 and 6 this afternoon. 

God was at work through these youth who spent the afternoon together playing, grumbling at some points, laughing and working together.  The gym was full.  There were loving, supportive parents on the sidelines....a wonderful afternoon indeed. 

There is always next year for the trophy.  All the youth played well...and so many showed great skills both with the ball, and as leaders and role models for one another.  To see players saying, come on...good try...keep it up! They were encouraging one another to enjoy the afternoon and the game.  Others showed leadership as they would speak calmly to the person serving at a critical time in the game...or give someone a pat on the back when things didn't go perfectly. 

Young and old exhibited teachable moments.  I loved all the supportive parents in the bleachers.  It was great to be a part of it...and I, for one, am glad my call isn't dependent upon the winning of a trophy...because I truly love where I serve...and have so much to learn from the youth and adults in this place...that I don't want to pack up and leave...God is telling me that there is much for me to learn and to give here....and I'm ready. 

Thanks for this great place...through the wins and the losses....we continue on together. 


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