Saturday, March 26, 2011

can't stop planting seeds

So I suppose that this should have been a part of yesterday's post, but I was just too tired to write last night. 

My friend and I met for a late lunch/early dinner at Stoudts.  It was a wonderful afternoon...I stayed on a little later than she did, because I had wanted to hear the band that was performing.  They were a trio with violin, accordion, guitar, hand held percussion and wonderful voices.  I love how comforting bluegrass music is...not to mention they threw in a few Beatles songs and one by Chicago. 

In the midst of listening to the band, I got to know some folks sitting near me.  And after some conversation with one fellow, I invited him to church.  He had talked about how he had been away from church for a while and was in a time of fasting....for health I told him when services were.  Who knows if and how that seed will take root, but it's been planted. 

Who knows where you'll be when you find someone looking for a place for worship, love and God's grace.  

The other person I got to know is a Lutheran, attends a Trinity in Lancaster and was just a joy to talk to and with about ministry, youth, college, kids, bee keeping (his wife is a bee keeper) music, history, Europe & England and summer camp.  He went to Nawakwa! 

What a fun evening.  Good music, good food, great people to know. 


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