Thursday, January 2, 2014


This past week included a trip to Shady Maple, a new favorite food combo (mac & cheese topped with chili) grilled cheese with Lebanon bologna and homemade apple pies (yes, two pies from different awesome pie bakers).  Needless to say, the last day of the year I had apple pie for breakfast, a treat I remember having as a kid.  The day after we had pie for dessert we often had pie for breakfast....yum.

This week also included a 'scolding' from My Fitness Pal (the app I've been using to log food intake and workouts.)  The app was not happy that I had been under my daily caloric guide.  After I got that message I realized that to be healthy, I need to keep up the healthy eating...making sure I'm getting enough calories each day.  I wasn't super low every day, but 20 or so calories a day meant I was 140 or so calories below my weekly any case, it wasn't the most healthy practice.

Since that reminder, I've been at or above the daily calorie intake each day.

As the weight loss continues, I find myself still VERY focused on foot intake and the calories burned at the gym.  I wonder how it will feel to maintain a target weight when I get to that point.

Still taking it day by day....doing a better job measuring as I put meals together and especially measuring out snacks.  And stills seeing the growing edges where I need to lower the fat intake and increase the fiber intake...but I think these will always be growing edges.

Thanks for reading.


And now to find a tasty chicken soup recipe for dinner tomorrow....any recommendations?

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