Thursday, December 26, 2013


On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a nudge to go for a walk because we went out for dinner.  (For a tasty dinner, I'm thankful.  And for the kick in the pants to walk on a cold, dark evening I'm also thankful.)

I weighed in yesterday knowing I could do so on my regular scale.  So to go down .8 lbs in 6 days is just fine with me.  And to weigh in before Christmas dinner gave me the extra push to do a 3 mile run on Christmas morning.  

Lessons learned this week:   
#1 Always have a granola bar or other handy snack in the car and in my bag.  
On Sunday evening my husband and I went to Christmas Candy Lane in Hershey.  
I should have brought a snack. 
I didn't want to dive into a huge s'more or too much hot chocolate, that being said, we didn't get home until late and at that point I was famished and a little cranky...oops. (Apologies, babe.)

#2 Use a plate for appetizers. 
I immediately melted when I saw the cheese plate and tasty crab dip before dinner yesterday.  I was worried about taking too much, so I didn't fill a plate.  The problem was, I kept going back.  If I thought I was keeping track of my intake, it was guesswork after my third trip to the crab Rangoon dip.  Not to mention the multiple bites of manchego and blue cheese.  Had I filled a plate I may have been able to just stop after one filling.  I'll work on that the next time I find myself in that situation. 

All in all - Christmas eating went well.  It was the first day of going over on my allotted calories, but it was a holiday and that kind of splurging does not happen everyday.  And so here we are, back on the horse adding some extra cardio this evening to work off some of that tasty fajita plate and remembering that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  Baby steps each day and trying to remember to make healthy choices....

Blessings to all until the next post.  


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