Thursday, December 12, 2013


So, I have to throw this out there.  I'm in the process of losing some weight.  One of my liver enzymes is a little off kilter, so the doc is doing a series of tests to narrow it down.  Part of my responsibility is to lose about 10 pounds.

There are times when I eat really well.  There are other times when I am my own worst enemy.  When left to my own devices I can eat well all day, but then devour pop tarts, or ice cream or bread with butter just before bed.  It frustrates me, because I know better, but something wins out...and it's often not my best choice.  So, part of sharing it on my blog is to help keep me focused and to reach out to community for support.  The other reason for sharing is so people know why I'm passing on sweets and bypassing the donuts on Sunday morning.  So, in a way, this required weight loss is a good thing. Because if I am held accountable by someone other than me, I'll follow their guidelines.  

The other guideline from the doctor is no alcohol.  So as home brewer and craft beer lover, this will be a tricky thing for me.  I share this because I am NOT pregnant.  Just sayin'.  These are doctor's orders.  

So, as the month of December continues...I am aiming for high fiber, lots of veggies, and less carbs and sweets.  I'll be exploring the joys of baking with vital wheat gluten so I can create some tasty healthier breads.  

Prayers of support are always are invitations to go for a walk, even if we have to bundle up during the winter months.  

And now for the numbers:  
Yesterday I weighed in at 155.  I plan on weighing in once a week and posting it here (for better or worse).  

In addition to this sharing (inspired by a friend on his own weight loss journey) I invite your stories (joys/struggles) as well.  If we can walk this together...or share from good experiences as well as bad, we will be more supported in the long run.  

Thanks for reading...for praying....and for keeping me accountable.  

Until the next weigh in...or post...whichever comes first.  

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