Thursday, January 16, 2014


Today was a good scale day.

Truth be told I was super nervous about getting on it this morning. But I made it and unlike last week I only checked it once.  I was pleased with a 3 pound loss for this week. 

Yet, I have to say this...I wish, when I began this journey that I had taken some other measurements, too.  I'm definitely noticing pants and skirts that are a little looser than they used to be.   After 5 weeks of logging food and stepping up my exercise and I'm seeing and feeling a difference.  I know there are still a few more pounds to lose, but I'm already beginning to think about what changes I'll need to make to then maintain this weight.  

I think in the past when I've lost weight, I always worked on the loss, but maintaining that new weight seemed to fall by the wayside.  So for the doctor, there are still 2 pounds to take off.  And by golly, I'm in no rush.  A pound a week for the next two weeks would be just fine. And that will keep me on track before my follow up appointment at the beginning of February.  

Thanks for's to a continued slow and steady journey as the new year continues.  


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