Saturday, January 11, 2014


Two mornings ago I got on the scale.  

It said 150.  

I disagreed. 

I got on the scale again.  

Same number. 

I got off and on one more time, convinced that it would change.  

No such luck. 

As I began yoga class and was told to let any thoughts go, try as I might I couldn't get that number out of my head.  

After a week of decent logging of food and a solid mix of cardio workouts, how could I have gained weight?  

The internal struggle continued.  

I'm feeling stronger, healthier even, and noticing that my pants are a bit looser.  Why the increase?  

My disagreement with the scale fueled the 3.5 mile run after class.  

After a few days to think about it, truth is, I have to remember that this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.  There will be good weeks and not so good weeks.  And overall, in a month I've lost 5 pounds.   That in itself is good.  

(Breathe in, breathe out.)

I've also looked back at my food journal for the past week.  I seemed to be in the habit of eating a lighter lunch and loading up at dinner.  I'm thinking that since my workouts are early morning, mabe breakfast and lunch should be the larger meals and working more towards lighter dinners.  We'll see how that goes as I plan out my menu for the week.  

And thanks, for reading, for holding me accountable for posting my weekly weight and giving me a chance to reflect on this journey.  Because the other thing that is continually made more and more clear to me is the importance of community.  Both online and in person.  Clearly this is a challenge and a struggle for me and being held accountable to others helps me to keep on keeping on.  

So thanks, for reading.  For the words of encouragement and for the in person hugs and smiles.  I couldn't do this without y'all.  

Until the next weigh in or post...whichever comes first.  

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