Monday, January 29, 2018


And this week the numbers went down again.  But more importantly, I've noticed other differences over the past few weeks (even when the weight was holding steady.) 

1) Clothes are fitting more comfortably, specifically my work pants.  Do you call them slacks?  I feel like my Omi called them slacks.  Is that term still used?  Anyway, my work pants are much more comfortable these days.  It's a good thing.  

2) My belt has more slack.  When I put it on and cinch it, there is more at the end to tuck under the belt loops.  That's an exciting thing for me.  That's where changes are happening...where they probably have been happening for a while, but now they are noticeable.  

3) Changes with my jeans.  The good news:  I fit into jeans handed over from a friend!  The bad news: some favorite pairs are too they will have to go.  It's not really bad news, it's just that I like those jeans.  But, just as I would rid my closet of clothes that are too tight/small, I will get rid of pairs that are too loose.  The fun part about that is that I will load up some bags and bring the clothes back to Goodwill and probably check out the racks when I'm there.  

So, yeah, there are changes happening and I keep reminding myself that slow and steady is the way for it all to happen.  

This past month I set fitness goals for myself.  Thanks to my sister's Christmas gift of the Runner's World Calendar, there is a spot each month for goals.  

As you can see, I banged out a 10 miler last week and it felt great! I've been running twice a week, started the month off with a race and the 12 days of fitness challenge at the gym.  

Setting these goals in print, on the calendar I pass several times a day has helped me keep myself accountable.  

I have had some slight shin pain the past few, no run today, but I will get to the gym for some cross training.  We'll see if a run feels good tomorrow.  

I think February's calendar will include goals relating to food and strength training as well.  

And now it's off for the rest of the easy ride at the gym, some errands and catching up on a book.  

Be well, everyone.   

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