Monday, January 1, 2018


Happy New Year!  

I'm super thankful to report that my goal of maintaining and not gaining between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day was not only met, but I'd say it was crushed!  

I weighed in the Monday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 20) at 156.8.
I weighed in this morning at 151.8.  

I dropped 5 pounds!  Woo hoo!  

It has been a tough season, but with a serious commitment to daily exercise and not splurging on sweets, carbs or alcohol it's been a good season.  There have been some 'cheat' days if you want to call them that.  There was no way I was going to pass on bacon cinnamon rolls and a mimosa...

The extravagant days were not a regular occurrence and they were balanced out with days I had more control over my food intake.  

At this point, it has become habit.  While I used to be a cereal and oatmeal breakfast person, I now reach for the protein in eggs either hardboiled or in an omelette to get me going.  More carbs are coming back into our diet, but they are in the form of whole grains and definitely in moderation.  

The thing I have missed the most, is pizza.  So, truth be told, after today's 5K, there will be pizza and a beer.  

The weight loss journey will continue.  The overall goal is to get down to around 145 and then to maintain.  I'll continue blogging my weight on a weekly basis until I get there.  It is a helpful way to keep myself accountable.  

I will continue to stick to a good and regular workout routine.  I will say that the 12 days of fitness were super helpful, and I'll do those there first 12 days of each month this year, just to keep my body guessing.  I guess that means a 1 minute plank is on for today.  :)  Good times.  

In other news, my word for 2018 is wholehearted.  There will be a post later this week with more reflection about that.  I know that my continued weight loss journey will fit in with that word.  

Thanks for all the support through 2017.  Blessings, joy, adventure and peace be with you in 2018. 

Until the next post...

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