Monday, January 22, 2018


New week....same numbers.  I'll take it!  

So while I did not lose weight, maintaining is a big step for me right now after several weeks of steady increases.  

Now, on the flip side of the whole eating thing, my word of the year has been wholehearted.  Last week, while trying to balance the diet and exercise, I was able to do things that contribute to living a wholehearted life.  

The week included a zany road trip to pick up a new to me car! :)  Which meant a 13+ hour train ride with plenty of time to rest, read and watch the UCONN Huskies.  

My new motto...always bring a book.  In this case, three.  I finished I am Malala.  I started Rising Strong and then at 11:00pm realized I needed something a bit more lighthearted so I began Bossypants.  Tina had me giggling.  Which was the perfect way to end the evening before a short nap on the train.  

Train travel....when you are at not in with every delay, you take a deep breath and especially when it comes to making a connection, you pray that it will all work out.  In my case, it did.  I had a great ride to the train station with a dear friend and her two boys.  

I made it to Philly and finally to Columbia, SC.  Where I had a late night/early morning pick up and a place to stay that felt like home.  

I enjoyed lunch in North Carolina with another dear friend and her son.  

No pictures of the fried green tomatoes or the delicious grits with goat cheese smothered with chorizo and oven baked eggs....we were having too much fun with some coloring, tickling, telling stories and reconnecting.  

Sadly, my layover just out of DC did not happen because my other friend's kiddos came down with the flu.  So, I caffeinated and headed home to PA. Other road trip food included:

Caffeine = check.

Dinner? = check.

Upon returning home, I was ecstatic to be in my own bed...and have Maris Otter, the 2008 Subaru Outback safe and sound in PA.  

Saturday night included a few tasty snacks as friends and I danced our hearts out at a fundraiser.  It. Was.  Awesome.  

And last night capped off the week with homemade pizza with a bunch of youth as we planned out youth led worship.  (There were also Doritos.)  

So this morning, I'm back in the game.  This week begins the Winter Fitness Challenge at the gym: the Iditarod.  

So, I should be going, to get some cardio in this morning.   

Be well, everyone.  

Take time for you, this week, do something that feeds your heart and your soul.  

Be well. 

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