Monday, January 15, 2018


Not sure what to say about this week's weigh in.  I'm not excited that over the past few weeks there has been a slow increase.

But let me share a few positive thoughts:  

1) Since starting this weight loss journey about two months ago, I am now seeing the weight loss.  Not on the scale, but how different pairs of jeans fit, how the shape of my face is more slender than it was and feeling more comfortable in my own skin.  

2) I met this past week's goals.  After feeling sick two weeks back and taking it easy on the workout schedule, I did complete the goal of 30 mins of cardio for 6 days.  

So where does that leave me for this week?  Not too sure.  

Since this journey has been going for about two months, it may be time to shift gears.  We started South Beach in mid November.  While we have been following it since New Year's there have been some fun splurges from time to time.  Not that those splurges make or break this plan, but I need to be aware of them and not let them become regular habits.  

I'm looking at being out of my normal schedule for a few days this week which will impact both the eating and exercise, so I made it to the gym yesterday in anticipation of that.  I'll get a run in at the gym as soon as this is posted this morning.  

I'll keep moving as much as I can earlier in the week, I'll continue logging my food and we'll see how the week goes.  

Thanks for following along...the support means more than you know.  

Be well.  

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