Monday, February 5, 2018


And we're up!  

Oh, the ups and downs just continue.  
You'd think I'd be used to this by now.  And truth be told, there was a bit of Super Bowl eating yesterday.  Last week Billy jokingly said, we should just eat foods that end in O's for the big game.  You know, nachos, doritos, cheetos..... So we did.  

After some cheetos, we enjoyed some stuffed nacho Totinos, some sweet chili doritos and wrapped it up with choco tacos.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs as we didn't even make the nachos we had talked about.  

Anyway, yesterday was not the best eating day.  I'm up early enough to go to the gym, but the roads are a bit icy this morning, which means an afternoon workout.  

Now that we're in the month of February, my word, wholehearted, takes a different turn.  Yes, I'll still be thinking about and living out creating authenticity, but I will also be working on cultivating self-compassion.  

Just like in January, my running calendar has a spot for monthly goals.  This month includes one race, one day of strength training per week, yoga, a massage, and logging my food/exercise four times a week.  I've noticed that when I have goals in front of me, in a place where I will see them every day, I am more prone to work toward them and remember that they are a focus.  In the midst of these goals, I know that the bigger picture in meeting these goals means that I'm taking good care of my body.  I'll be doing things that will care for my body, soul and mind, which in turn enables me to love and care for others.  

I'm also journaling - albeit short entries - each day with daily affirmations.  It may sound very Stuart Smalley, but it's a nice thing to end the day with a reflection on things that have gone well.  Too often I'm toughest on myself.  This month I'm looking at ways to be kind to myself and in turn toward others. It's a fun focus for the month of my birthday, too, it helps me celebrate my authentic self in mini ways each day.  

So, here's to another week.  One that includes workouts, a birthday, some local travels and an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party...good times.  

Until the next post...

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