Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Today was weigh-in day.  One week into March and the numbers on the scale are going down.  

I have been logging food and workouts every day.  And because I am logging my diet and exercise on a regular basis I have not been eating silly snacks at night while I watch tv or read.  I am working on eating more hearty vegetables and protein packed snacks.  

At our weekly dinners at church, we've introduced the idea of sides (instead of breads) and fruit instead of desserts.  Last week I brought a tasty kale salad and tonight I brought a Apple Brussels Sprout Salad with Brussels sprouts, apples, walnuts, cheese and an apple cider vinaigrette.  The complement of the night came from a man who does not like Brussels sprouts.  He said, "It was okay, I think I only had one bite of Brussels sprouts, the rest was lettuce."  I replied, "It was only sprouts, no lettuce."  "Oh, okay."  
I'll take it as a win.  

In other news, yesterday I added a new ending to my run.  

I heard about this DVD on a Runner's World podcast.  The 10 minutes flew by at the end of the run.  I started with the mobility workout.  It's a nice way to cool down that stretches and moves muscles and joints that I have not been giving enough attention.    I felt it a bit in my hips when I woke up this morning, in a good way.  I am actually looking forward to the end of my run tomorrow.  

Here's to week two of focus on diet and exercise.  
It's already making a difference.  

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