Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The numbers continue to go down!  It's an exciting place to be.  

Again, I know it's not just about the numbers, because this past week I started to feel like I was loosing weight.  My pants have been fitting easier, which is a bonus :) 
I think I'll notice the weight loss before others, because I seem to know my body best.  At some point, others will begin to see it as well, and that will be helpful to have moral support.  

In other news, I am seeing a difference, too in my demeanor.  On days when I workout first thing in the morning, my mental focus seems sharper and I feel like I'm in a better mood in general.  That could be endorphin related and the fact that by the time I get to work, I've been up for a few hours and am caffeinated and nourished and ready to begin the work day.  

In any case, it's positive reinforcement for myself to get the workout in first thing in the morning.  

This week, with a snow storm yesterday, I was able to get a 6 mile run in Monday morning, with a headlamp and the light of the moon.  :) I played in the snow and dug out my car yesterday.  This morning, I made it to the gym.  With actual winter weather this week, I am thankful for a warm place for my morning workouts.  

Oh, and I'm still logging my food daily and that continues to help prevent late night snacking.  

For all of you working on weight loss or different eating habits, keep it up.  Small changes make a big difference over time.  

Until the next post, be well.  

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