Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One month of focus: a recap.

One month into my one word and it's time (for me to see how it shaped this month for me.)

Some daily changes I made to help overall focus included the following: No Facebook in the office. (I have messenger to keep in touch with folks and only logged on once or twice to post things for church.)  
I moved my Facebook and Instagram apps into a folder marked focus, on the second screen on my phone.  That way I can't see alerts or posts on my main screen and if I'm tempted to check things out, I slow down and smile when I read the word focus.  
I have taken to always playing music or Netflix during cardio at the gym so I do not get sucked into different news channels that get me all fired up.  
I have found that at work and at home, making to do lists are very helpful for my focus.  They help me from getting sidetracked and help me to make the most of my time.  

I hadn't planned on it, but took time each evening to jot a short note about my focus for the day.  
Here are some of the things I focused on this month...
Being present in worship
Coffee & reading :)
Reading at work
Lack of focus
Sleep and healing
Being present
Strength and flexibility
Fitness and family
Being real
Small group
What I can do
Females (meeting, talking, and praying with 3 awesome women in my life)
Youth and music
Rest and work
Time management

It's interesting...that as I let the word focus impact my life each day, I have not set the goal of something specific to focus on each day.  These journal entries or notes are reflections on how I saw focus during the day.  I guess I worry that if I set a goal for a day or a week or a month it feels like more of a resolution than letting the word impact my life.  But I wonder what a month would look like with a focus on one thing.  From the list above...I have so many things I could focus on that it is hard to decide...or hone my focus.  Ha!  

But seriously, I think picking one for the month of February could be a good thing.  
I have a few that are jumping out at me on the list above.  I'll write them out before heading to bed tonight and pray on them and see how my mind and heart are focused in the morning.  

I'll post at some point tomorrow with a word for the month.  

Thanks for being part of my one word journey.   

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