Thursday, January 5, 2017

Focus on diet & exercise.

So...on January 1, I began the year without a new year's resolution but with a word: focus.
(Want to lean more about One Word? Here's the link:  One Word.)

I thought and prayed about what word would help shape my year.  Many words floated around my mind, but focus kept returning to the center.  I've been taking time each day to hone my focus on the different things I do each day.  I realized that in my day to day life I was multi-tasking almost all the time.  I would have my phone out while watching tv or would be playing games on my phone while eating or trying to accomplish too many things at a time in the office.  It was, it is time to stop doing too much at a time and focus - my attention, my time, my listening, my presence - on one thing or person or situation at a time.  I found this quote after I chose my word for the year.

My current focus, in addition to seeing how focus still plays out in my day to day life, is to work on my diet and exercise.  I have gained some weight over the past year and it's time to work on taking it off.  There was a challenge at my gym: Maintain not gain.  The goal was to maintain weight and body fat rather than gain during the holidays.  I weighed in prior to Thanksgiving at 167 and the body fat registered at 27.4.  Today I weighed in....just under 167....but my body fat was 27.5.  Ugh....But in all reality, those are not bad numbers.  The fact that body fat only went up.1% is good.  The fact that I pretty much maintained my weight, is also good.  But now it is time to change those numbers.  

And yes...I know it's not all about the numbers, but I have some weight to shed.  I have been feeling sluggish and workouts have been tough because of the extra weight.  

With past, positive weight loss experience, I know I can take the weight off.  This past week I tried different classes at the gym and have gotten back into yoga.  I will add a day of strength training and continue to mix up the classes.  I have returned to logging my food and exercise daily.  (This is a system that has worked well in the past.)  In 60 days, I'll weigh in again and check my body fat.  (The gym is kicking off the new year with a Happy New You challenge, hence the 60 days.)  I think the 60 day limit on this is good for me.  I need attainable goals.  While my ideal body weight and shape may not happen in 60 days, I will definitely be on my way and will have daily and weekly habits that will continue this journey.  

In the midst of these 60 days, I will still see how the word 'focus' shapes each day.  It has already helped keep me in the habit of morning devotions and a cup of coffee to start each day.  It's those little things that make a difference for me.  

Thanks for reading.  

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