Friday, January 13, 2017

I'm focused....oh, squirrel! (drat)

Today started off with great focus.  

Breakfast with an amazing young woman.  We reconnected over bagels and coffee.  We shared stories.  We prayed for one another.  My life is enriched by her presence, her compassion, her every growing faith and her tenacity to seek out and speak the truth. 
The last time we met up, we were completely immersed in conversation that I was late to meet someone at the house.   Today, so I wouldn't be watching the clock I set an alarm.  :)
I was able to make it to the gym promptly for my Friday morning strength training session: legs, back and biceps.  I was told to go easy on the warm up, because it was going to be a tough day.  And it was.  After over an hour of lifting, there was no cardio for me.  I was completely wiped out.  A solid strength day.  And now we wait....a day or see how the aches set in.  The good news is that my soreness from Monday's workout was all related to lifting properly.  No pulled muscles, just tired ones that have not been worked like this in a while.  
After a tasty lunch with Billy, I picked up groceries got home, put them away, ate some pie...and lost focus...
This afternoon I found myself idly 1/2 watching tv and 1/2 playing 2 dots on my phone.  An hour went by before I got up and moved on to more important things, like a shower.  Over the past week I've noticed that I fill time more efficiently when I have lists to help me focus.  I don't use them all the time, but they help to keep me from getting distracted.  
I also lost focus as I was strength training today...I guess I am easily distracted by people talking and waking by at the gym. I found it important to look myself in the eyes as I did squats and bicep curls.  It kept the focus on my activity, posture and movement.

This evening I read the book 'One Word that will change your life forever.'  I ordered the book when I started thinking about praying about my one word for 2017.  It was helpful and insightful to see the many ways people have embraced and been embraced by their word.  This word will change my life. 
Here's to more focus...and being more aware of focus in my everyday life.  

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