Sunday, November 11, 2012

photo of the day

So this morning's Sunday School class was about the Bible.  I'm using the Animate course from Augsburg Fortress.  Today we talked about why we read and re-read the Bible.  We had fun inscribing hard boiled eggs with familiar scripture passages.  I'm sure there will be some good lunch conversations this week.  All this talk about reading...and the fact that this week I started a book.  The short time I had on the porch today was a wonderful respite.

I'm thankful to have my love for reading rekindled this week.  I'm also thankful for the reminder (in combination with the sabbath-ish day) that I need to make time in my days for the things I love to do.  It's funny, I can get up early to why not make some time in the morning with a cup of coffee and a book?  We'll see how that pans out tomorrow.

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