Monday, April 2, 2018


Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!  

Holy Week was filled with love, hope, holy moments, worship, fellowship, exercise, friendship and family.  It was a good week.  

So, here I sit, on the Monday after Easter looking at trees covered in snow and think, yes, it's a great day for sabbath.  After a solid night's sleep, I'm sipping coffee, reflecting and getting ready for a day filled with rest and re-creation.  

Today's TA-DA list includes:
Blog post
Riding my bike for #30daysofbiking
Reading - Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin
Making quiche
Eating popcorn and watching Real Genius

It looks to be a good day, even with the snow outside.  

As my wholehearted journey continues, March winds down and April begins.  
I was journaling daily in March, using the vowel check-in which gave me time and space each day to think about how the day went.  I liked this practice.  Some journal entries were simply a sentence for each letter and other entries filled pages.  It just depended on how the day had gone.  I realized that I need to put pen to paper each day.  While I enjoy blog posts, there is something about the physicality of writing on paper, that I deeply enjoy.  That practice will continue in April in some shape or form.  

As I took time this past month to think about activities that 'numb' me, I took a break from phone activity including social media and the Simon Cat game - which just sucks me's weird.  
Anyway, one of my personal rules that I developed in March was not allowing myself to play games or use any social media outlets in bed.  This is my new favorite rule.  Seriously.  Here are a few reasons why:
1) I'm not filling my just before falling asleep time with screen time.  My eyes and mind need a break before going to sleep, so this way, once I'm in bed, if I'm awake, I'm reading our journaling.  
2) In the same vein, when I wake up, I don't just go to my phone.  I listen to the news or the radio and get up without spending 5-20 minutes surfing facebook or instagram or playing the cat game.  
3) It's lessened the time I spend on my phone each day. (just a healthy habit)

Also in March (drumroll please) I flossed every single day.  31 days of flossing.  It doesn't sound very exciting, but the dentist said, I really should floss daily.  Not that my most recent visit wasn't the first time they said that, but for some reason this time it stuck!  I'm proud of myself for creating this healthy habit over the past month.  

Moving into's a focus on cultivating gratitude and joy - letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark.  I'll be sharing posts containing #joywins or journaling about joy moments each day and looking for the joy that is in the world every day.  

Also, I'll be riding my bike each day.  Yay for #30daysofbiking!  

In thinking about how all of this relates to my weekly weigh-ins, I'll be looking into quick, healthy recipes that bring me joy in preparing and eating.  Billy and I truly enjoy food...and I know we can be doing a better job of preparing tasty food that nourishes our bodies well.  

I'll keep you posted.  
Seek joy & be well.

Until the next post...

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