Friday, April 13, 2018

Inspirational ride.

Truth be told, most of my daily rides for #30daysofbiking have been short loops around the block or around the parking lot at church.  Yesterday I made it out for a nice 13 mile road ride on Katarina.  So named for the love interest in Breaking Away.  Totally worth the watch if you haven't seen it.  

Anyway, it was a windy, but good road ride yesterday.  

This morning, I made it out for a run before meeting a friend for breakfast.  After the sausage, broccoli rabe and provolone omelette (super delicious, by the way) I went for a trail ride.  

It was an easy 10 miler and when I say trail ride, it's rails to trails, so its a flat trail that runs along a river.  You can tell spring is here.  There were so many walkers, runners, riders and folks fishing today.  We've just been waiting for spring to arrive...and here it is!  

I was drawn to a stop only 4 minutes into my ride when I looked and saw 3 herons just standing in the river.  

It may be hard to see all three, but they are there.  

I'm a huge heron fan.  I love their poise and the way they glide through the air.  It wasn't until last fall that I heard their cry.  It's less than appealing, but I still love them.  Seeing three together was a pleasant surprise.  

As the ride continued, since I wasn't riding on the road I had the opportunity to let my mind wander.  I've been going back and forth about writing a book.  I'm not sure what shape it will end up taking, but I hope it will be a devotional for athletes, maybe specifically female athletes, we'll see.  Anyway, the idea drifted into my mind within the last year and I hadn't really followed up on it.  After reading Big Magic by Liz Gilbert  I began thinking about this project again.  While the juices hadn't really been flowing lately, I thought I would see if a project like this is something I could really do.  

I bought 3X5 cards to organize my ideas...yup, I'm old school like that... and then they sat.  

Yet on today's ride, the ideas just popped into my head.  As I was riding different experiences kept jumping into my mind.  So I tried repeating them to myself in hopes that I would not forget them.   Alas, I just stopped riding, I didn't want to forget them.  
I stopped several times.  
By the end of the ride I had seven ideas that I could write about.  Seven!  Crazy, right?  If I hadn't stopped mid ride, I may not have remembered them all.  

Also, I stopped to take a picture of turtles.  They, too, were enjoying the sun. 

So the afternoon opened up and I wrote and read and did some other grown up things like laundry and ironing, but mostly spent time getting my ideas into the written form.  
Who knows how long this project will take, but now it is started.  I think I was hesitating to begin because I thought I needed to know what the final product would look like before I even started.  But if I do that, it will never happen.  Based on the experiences I write about, the book will take whatever shape the stories give to it.  I'm ready for the Holy Spirit to be at work in the process and I'm excited to see how it takes shape.  

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring day.  

Bring on the next set of adventures.  

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