Monday, March 26, 2018

151.6 or 154.4

So I weighed in yesterday at 151.6....that was before a tasty lunch out at the local Thai place with friends.  The coconut ice cream and mango ice cream was a tasty treat!  

Which was before pizza night:

Which ended with pie...  

Strawberry rhubarb, to be exact.  

Super tasty...

I may have had one more bite before heading to bed. (not pictured)

Went to bed and didn't get up until the next day (today) to hop on the scale and see 154.4.  
You know....good times....not. 

Followed by the daily page on my happiness calendar:

*note the peeps oreos in the background

I've been logging food and exercising daily.  

At this point, as Holy Week has begun, I'm granting myself some grace.  This is not the week to make a major change in eating habits or exercise habits.  

I have found, however, that I do work well with guidelines.  That being said, here are my guidelines for Holy Week:

1) Healthy protein packed breakfasts each day.  (This meal is in my control every day.  I can do this.)

2) Daily exercise.  Seeing as my weight had plateaued over the past few weeks (going up or down by fractions of a pound to a pound) I need to make some changes to my workouts.  But again, Holy Week, not the time to go crazy. 

3) Continue to log workouts and food in My Fitness Pal.  I need to keep this good habit going.  

4) Keep track of my sleep, by sticking to a good bedtime.  Sleep is good.  

5) Being kind to myself when I treat myself to oreos or pie.  (Homemade pie is best fresh.  They say a fruit pie lasts 2-3 days in the fridge, that's not always the case in this house.)

6) Set goals for after Easter Sunday.  Goals that include meeting with a trainer at the gym, talking with a nutritionalist or dietician and making the needed changes in exercise and diet.  

So the week begins.  
I'm ready for the journey to the cross...beginning with the hosannas (or snowsannas) of yesterday.  
Ready to hear the command to love and serve others.
Ready to hear the story of the death on the cross and remember how Jesus died for me.  
Ready to head to the tomb early on Sunday morning to hear a message of resurrection, promise and hope.  

It's a week filled with story, experience, wonder and hope.  
It's a week to remember that all the feelings, worries, struggles, fears and joys have a place in God's story and in God's relationship with us.  

May this message of great love transform the world as we know it.  

Blessings, friends.  

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