Wednesday, March 21, 2018

152.6 (on Monday)

I have still been weighing in on Mondays, but have not allowed myself enough time on Monday mornings to blog and make it to the gym.  

So my posts have been coming a day or two after I weigh in.  

Even though the weight was a pinch up this week, I'm still feeling good.  

Things are going well, cardio-wise, at the gym.  In January I jumped on the Iditarod challenge with the goal of conquering 979 miles, or in gym measurement 2,987 minutes.  

When the weather has been nice, I was reverting to outside cardio, so I had some catch up to do over the past few weeks.  But last week - boom!  I hit the leaderboard!  

I'll take third place!  Woohoo!  My original goal was to finish the race by April 28, but hitting the top 3.  Bonus!  

Today was an unexpected snow day. So it began with some reading and some running. 

At the end of 4 miles, I met up with my snow day Dunkin' buddies.  I will run for dunkin any way.  It must be the New Englander in me.  

Also, the girl scout coconut caramel coffee is pretty tasty.  

After an adventurous morning, I worked on some writing for church and some website stuff.  
And then it was time for lunch.  With taco left overs, I debated nachos, until I remembered the tater tots in the freezer.  So it was totchos for the win! 

With the snow still falling, I read for a while and debated going back out.  The skis that I brought home from my parents' house were calling my name, so I headed back out.  

With the roads still slightly covered with snow, it was pretty good conditions.  It was definitely sowing harder than it was when I ran earlier, but it was totally worth it.  

At this point, my legs are done for the day.  
Also, we ended up making homemade pizza for dinner, just because.  

All in all it was a great day.  I accomplished some work around the house and some work from the office.  I relaxed with a cat in my lap and a book in my hand and I spent a good church of the outside.  

I can pretty much guarantee a solid night's sleep tonight, that will begin sooner rather than later.  

Hope you all enjoyed your first full day of spring.  

Until the next post...

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