Monday, December 25, 2017


Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house,
a few creatures were stirring, but thankfully not one of them a mouse.  
The living room was strung with open boxes and paper, 
thinking the clean up would come sometime later.  
The opening of gifts happened very early this morning,
after much celebration in worship that began on Advent 4 morning.*

Yet before seeing the downstairs, something first had to be done.  
There was a trip to the scale, which always makes me worrisome.  
By a Festivus miracle, the numbers have gone down yet again, 
Which means today, there is room for celebration.  

Another week of solid workouts, eating well, and tracking it all,
Has made the scale numbers yet again fall.  
Now part of this decline, is due to some low hydration this Christmas Day.
Last night between multiple worship services, there needed to be more water breaks and less visits to the calf in the hay.**

In preparation for the celebration of Christmas,
I took time each day to complete the 12 Days of Fitness.  
From planks to wall squats, pushups and lunges,
My muscles have been transformed taking on shapes not found in sponges.  

I am continually thankful for the opportunities to try new things and to step outside my comfort zone.
But more thankful for the people who support me in all that I do, either in person, or through texts on my phone.  

And now with coffee in hand, I'll share my latest numbers from the scale,  

Hoping that with this post, others feel okay to share their tale.  

Be well, dear friends on this Christmas Day.
Take time to share love and light with family and friends, even if this isn't your holiday.  
Be yourself. Be brave. Be vulnerable. Be true.  
The world is much better, because of the presence of you.  

*I know it's weak, rhyming morning with morning...but hey, I have yet to finish the first cup of coffee.
**It's actually straw.

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