Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer: a recap.

The summer of 2012 was stellar, busy, life changing, busy, awesome, full of fun and adventures....and did I mention busy?  

It started off with a great week of music camp.....and the opportunity for youth to tell the story of Job.
Then I headed to the Beach for the Senior High Beach Retreat.
There was a week with time in the office...and a wedding at the end of that week.
Oh, then there was a week of vacation and a trip to New England with my boyfriend to see my folks and my sister and brother-in-law.
Back for another week in the office to get ready for the NYG in NOLA!!!!
It was an amazing week+ in NOLA with over 35,000 Lutheran youth and adults, being warmly welcomed by the people of New Orleans, serving the folks in the lower 9th ward and being blessed by the presence of God in our midst every day!
We came back (and missed the first day of VBS) but jumped right in the second day...and splashed into God's word!
At the end of that week, the church celebrated the Weiser wedding...had a few days to breathe and then it was off to Family Beach Camp down in Wildwood!
The next week (we're at August 6th, by the way) Trinity hosted the West Berks Mission District Day Camp.
After that, I spent the week at Nawakwa, making new friends and seeing 3 youth from our church have a GREAT first time at camp! the end of that...I was totally ready to sit, breathe and take some time off....I was beat!
It was a stay-cation I had planned...and while I'm normally a to-do list kind of person, I thought a stay-cation agenda was better, that way I didn't deem it necessary to accomplish everything on the list.

This is what I had on the agenda:

Lots of time with BillyTackle spare room (sort through old summer clothes and other piles in this extra room)Trip to Goodwill (to drop stuff off and to shop)Brew (beer) and smoke (meats or fish)Trip to the craft store so I can complete at least one of the many craft projects pinned on my pinterest page. Run, Run, Bike and Run some more!Read a few books *on the porch swingBlog!Sort through wall decor & hang it up (after being in the house over a year and a half)Print some pictures and frame them for friends.Passport.  (you know, just in case)
Day one of my stay-cation was off to a great start: 
Needless to say, the more mundane things on the list did not get accomplished this week.  

A 30 mile bike ride......then Billy and I were going to hang out.  
He arrived....we chatted for a bit....and he proposed.  :)

I did spend lots of time with Billy.
I did run, run, bike and run.  
I did shop at goodwill....and pulled all the Large sized and double digit items out of my closet:

These will go to goodwill this week.

I also picked up some new running shoes today....that I'm eager to break in on Monday:

I did finish The Happiness Project....albeit not on the porch swing today, as my tasty treat from Panera had attracted some wasps.....but it was a good read.  I'll give some feedback on that tomorrow.

I tell ya...starting a pinterest wedding page wasn't on my agenda....but brewing the Engagement IPA was (even if I didn't know that would be it's name).

The other stuff on the list will happen eventually....I actually have all the parts needed for those scrabble tile coasters I pinned months ago....we'll see when they get done.

All in all...the summer, with it's highs and lows, has revealed God to me in unexpected ways...because that's how God is always at work in our world.  In the midst of it all...

The stay-cation was epic....obviously....(as was the summer) and the warm wishes from friends and family has been a true blessing.  Here's to whatever the future we wait and see where God at work through each other next...


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