Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a day of rest.

Today's moment was a combination of having a day off and having the opportunity to rest.  (Holy Week and Easter really took a lot out of me....and a day of rest was just what I needed.)  It was also a wonderful thing to have many folks at church yesterday checking to make sure that a day off was coming to both the pastors this week.  The care and compassion from so many folks was definitely felt by me...and I'm thankful for their concern and care for the pastoral staff at Trinity.

Today was a combination of sleeping in, a bike ride with my boyfriend and a great lunch...and the day has ended with this:

There's nothing like seeing the idea of sabbath...true rest...being modeled right next to me.  Thanks, Marley.  (Her snoring is soothing in a way, as well.)

I'm thankful for a day to sleep, breathe, exercise and take some time just for myself.  It allows me to head back to church tomorrow refreshed and ready to serve.

Blessings to all...and I hope you all have a moment if not a whole day to rest.


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