Saturday, April 14, 2012

so many much accomplished!

From 7am this morning...well probably earlier seeing as breakfast began at 7...there were people in and out and around church.  From the Sunday School classrooms downstairs, to the kitchen cabinets, to the storage area above the coat closet and the coat closet, to the grounds around the name was cleaned or scrubbed or organized or mulched or trimmed or pulled out or fenced in.  It think that about covers it.  Mid-morning the canteen cart came through the neighborhood with water, fruit and muffins.  What a day it was.  So many people here to help out...the youngest was 4 years old...and the their 80s I think.  We a had folks from Trinity the members of the boy scout troop that meets at Trinity on Sunday evenings.

Just walking around you could see that people were happy to be there...and we as a congregation are so blessed with so many folks able to help in different ways.

A huge thank you to all those hands who did God's work around Trinity today!

The morning was documented in photos that will be seen the offering that doesn't fit in the plate next week.  Stay tuned *and* check out the church grounds in the process of transformation.

Thanks, again!


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