Tuesday, February 4, 2014

today's specialist visit

Today I had my first follow up appointment with the liver specialist.

The first good news of the day was when I hopped on the scale during the visit, it came up at 145.  The doc was impressed by my weight loss as he compared it to my previous visit.

The next set of good news came when he went over the results of my blood work.  At this point he thinks it may be related having a high thyroid number.  I had been on thyroid meds years ago, but when I had my levels checked a year or so ago, they were okay....but I guess that can change.  The specialist ordered some more blood tests and wants me to follow up with my family doc about the thyroid.  I don't need to see the specialist until mid-June.  :)

Except for a cold that's been nagging me since Friday, over the past two months I've felt really good.

I'm game to keep my weight as it is.
The specialist also recommended taking it easy with alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen...stuff that would irritate my liver.  So, I'll heed that advice, but may just enjoy a tasty beverage on my birthday this week. :)

I tell ya, I'm thankful for the help in going through this.  I was talking with my hairdresser the other week about things in our lives and she asked how I was coping with high liver enzymes and needing to lose weight.  I told her that I had shared it not only online, but also sharing it with my congregation.  Being held accountable and knowing people we thinking of me and praying for me helped me along the way.

I've been thinking about turning 40 in a few days...here's to a healthy 40...with my weight in the 140s....and many more adventures.

In the meantime, I'll keep checking in here with weight updates, joys and struggles.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time...

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