Thursday, February 13, 2014

two weeks later...143.8

So it's been a few weeks since a 'normal' weigh in.  (Normal = getting up and weighing myself first thing in the morning on the same scale.) I skipped the weigh in last week due to birthday celebrations, travel and enjoying tasty eats.

I dropped .4 pounds over the last two weeks which was a pleasant surprise.  I'm at this point I'm working in staying under 145 pounds.  I've upped my daily calorie intake and we'll see what the weight looks like in a week.  If I'm still loosing, I'll add more calories.

I'm also trying some new additions to my workouts.  Zumba was fun, but not my favorite.  I'm so worried about getting the rhythm and the moves that I miss the cardio....oh well.  It was good to try something new.

I do really enjoy the boot camp class I've been taking on Monday mornings.  It pushes me pretty hard and I don't need to worry about getting the rhythm just right.

I did make some tasty cinnamon rolls today filled with craisins and pecans and roasted a snow day chicken.  Good eats.

Until the next weigh in or post, thanks for reading.  

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