Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where has May gone?

I was gently reminded this past week that I had not posted in a while...oops.  I guess life was happening. 
While I won't recap the whole month, I will share some amazing highlights.

As I was preparing for worship this weekend, I came across this prayer:
We do not often know what to expect in our world, Holy God, and we are painfully aware that we are not in control.  Wars begin or continue despite our efforts for peace.  The poor are still poor despite our efforts to proclaim good news.  Friends, colleagues, and family members still fall ill, despite our efforts for healing.  We still face death despite our faith in your resurrection hope.  So we thank you that in our struggle to live and to serve, you do not leave us alone.  You bring us together in this community called the church. Deepen our trust in one another, so that in our living and in our serving, we may support each other as one community.  Amen. 

This prayer has captured me this day.  In the midst of all that goes on in our daily lives, we are still together in community.  No doubt, we could try to handle each day on our own, but we would probably end up frustrated and angered about what we had to face.  Instead of feeling alone, we can turn to the community we have in Christ that surrounds us.  We are not alone.  We are surrounded, loved and supported by so many.  We talked about this at the Poconos Retreat this past weekend.  That in the midst of whatever darkness we face, God is there...and is with us through family and friends along this journey. 

I had an amazing time at the Poconos.  We laughed, we sang, we danced, we shed tears of sadness and joy.  We were surrounded by mosquitoes, storms, chipmunks, frogs, squirrels and birds.  
We filled our bellies with sticky buns, fresh fruit, lasagna, garlic bread (with a kick!), pancakes, pretzels, sweet street desserts and marshmallows that were larger than life!
We jumped into the lake, into scripture, into our lives, our feelings, our struggles, our joys and our own faith journeys. 
We slept on hard floors, to the sounds of thunder and snores.  We were reminded of the light of Christ, in the midst of darkness, and how we are called to let that light shine before others.
It was a great group of 42 youth and 20+ volunteers that made this experience happen. 
This weekend left me truly thankful for my call to Trinity...especially the focus on youth ministry.  The joys and the struggles, the real life that is happening right now...and recognizing God's place in it.  Thanks be to God for the weekend and the experiences that are to come. 

And while all God's critters have a place in the choir, they do NOT have a place in my bedroom!  This morning before coming into the office, I caught sight of something flying in my bedroom.  A butterfly perhaps?  No wait, a bird?  Oh no!  A BAT!  Yup, no bats in the belfry, just in the bedroom.  Marley, my cat, was less than helpful in capturing the little critter.  She was only interested in it when it was flying across the room...when it was stationary, she walked away.  I eventually gingerly wrapped it in two towels and carried it outside.  It was squeaking quite a bit at that point.  I left it uncovered on the front porch while I washed my hands.  When I came back out it was gone.  Hopefully it doesn't find its way back into the house.  This evening, no doubt will be filled with loads and loads of laundry from my bedding to my formerly clean clothes that were a cushion for the bat during the chase.  Ick.

I wonder if I should put up a bat it can take up residence outside my living quarters? 

I also had a most wonderful time at my installation service back on May 22nd. 
The assembly gathered together that day included family from Connecticut and New Hampshire, there were folks from my home congregation in Connecticut, friends and classmates from seminary, and colleagues from my time in the area on internship.  It was a blessing to have my sense of call to Trinity reaffirmed in the presence of all who were there.  I continue to thank God for the energy, passion, love and support that comes from my family here at Trinity.  May God continue to bless us as as we journey together into the future. 

Until the next post...

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