Monday, May 9, 2011

for all the faithful women...

Yesterday was a wonderful day in worship, as we gathered around the waters of baptism as we welcomed Natalie Rose into God's family.  As we gathered around God's word we were reminded that Jesus comes to us....just where we are...even if we are trying to just find some space away.  As we gathered around the Lord's Table, Jesus was revealed to us in the breaking of the bread.  We remembered, too, in our prayers allt he mothers that have gone before us...throughout scripture and in our own histories and lives. 

So many women have nurtured me in life and in faith...I am truly thankful. 
I can think of my pastor when I was in high school, Pastor Wendy Waugh.  She was the one who said, "Hey Jen, have you ever thought of becoming a pastor?"
I think of a teacher Miss Fitzpatrick (Miss Fitz, we called her.) Who lifted up my leadership skills in high school and continued to encourage me to try new things. 
I think of all the 'moms' I have back in my home congregation in Connecticut who have prayed for me, and sent cards and letters of support throughout my life. 
I think of Grandma Tessie...who made THE. BEST. BURGERS. (ever)
I think of Omi...who liked that I spoke clearly and loudly enough when I was preaching in worship. 

And of course, I think of my mom, Helen. A great woman, who continues to love and support me...who has given me space to grow, but had her arms wide open if I ever came back home with a problem, in order to give me some good advice and send me back out again!  I'm thankful for the amazing and open relationship we have with each other.  And truly excited that I get to run with her as she does her first 1/2 Marathon in October.  :)  (Love you, mom!)

Thanks, God, for moms everywhere...and the women who love us, nurture us, strengthen us, teach us and are just there for us! 


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