Monday, February 14, 2011

oh what a beautiful morning!

My Lord, what a morning.
My Lord, what a morning.
My Lord, what a morning,
when the stars begin to fall.

(My Lord, What a Morning ELW #438)

I awoke this morning and through my windows I saw a pinkish, orange made me smile as soon as I saw it.  I struggle to get out of bed most mornings, but I made it up, got into my walking gear and headed outside to greet the new day.  It was NOT freezing (bonus) and the sun was on the rise. 

As I hit the top of Patterson this is what I saw:

A new day, dawning right in front of my eyes. 
It was wonderful to see...and to add to that joy was the number of people on Facebook who also reported seeing this beautiful sight.  The joy seen in this moment was captured by so many people. 

Valentine's Day is hit or miss for folks...some people are ready for a day of love, hugs, and joy...others greeted the day with grumbles, dressed in black.  I'll be the first to admit, I've celebrated Valentine's Day both ways...and I definitely prefer the one with smiles and joy :) 

This sunrise seemed to take me beyond the hallmark cards and the flower the love that God has for each of us.  It's the biggest valentine gift I've ever received.  The promise of a new day and new life through Christ...the promise that through and beyond the muck and darkness that we experience, God's light will continue to shine for us and through us...guiding us along the way. 

May the light of Christ shine in your hearts this day and always. 
May the love of God surround you.
And may the presence of the Holy Spirit comfort, support and uplift you.

Pastor Jen

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  1. Real love is celebrated every day, not just on a day that a company says you should. Tara and I do not get each other cards or anything for Valentine's Day, I do not think we ever had, but we do not need to.