Monday, February 21, 2011

I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy.....down in my heart!

Happy National Sticky Bun Day, everyone!  I'm celebrating with a piece of cake...oh well, that's what was available in the church kitchen.  :) 

It has been a whirlwind of a day...and it's only 2:45.  Such is a Monday....with breakfast bible study, staff meeting, lunch with the ABO group and now getting ready for the kiddos who join us after school at overtime.  Monday is not a 'get stuff done at the desk day' it's a people day!  Monday is all about beginning the day immersed in scripture (and breakfast) followed by connecting with the staff...and the bonus today was the ABO lunch.  I had the opportunity to be the post-lunch entertainment :)  It was a blessing to tell my story....highlights of my youth, all my years at camp, my call to ministry, and my call to serve here at Trinity.  And the opportunity to sing, flap our arms, smile and have tears of joy stream down our faces.  You know God has called you to the right place when a room of new people will sing My Bonnie lies over the Ocean and laugh their way through it.  I keep thanking God for calling me to this place...a place to share my faith and see it deepen as we as a faith community grow together.  We will laugh until we cry and probably cry until we laugh as we go through life together. 

Being a new person to Berks County and to the fine Borough of Robesonia brings to my mind the following tale:  Two men moved to a new town at about the same time.  The first one needed to fix up his new residence, so he stopped in at the hardware store for some equipment.  Curious about his new environment he asked the clerk (a life long resident of the town and shop owner) "So, what are the people like in this town?"  The clerk responded, "How were the people in your old town?"   The fellow said, "Not very friendly and they kept to themselves."  The clerk said, "You'll find them the same way here."  "Huh," the man replied and walked out. 

A little while later the other man new to town made his way to the hardware store.  He was also curious about his new place of residence and he asked the clerk, "So, what are the people like in this town?"  The clerk responded, "How were the people in your old town?"   The fellow said, "Friendly and welcoming."  The clerk said, "You'll find them the same way here."

In a way, I guess it's all about perspective...but in a way, I think it is all about how you and I live in community.  It is about how we live in community together.  It seems the best in the community is brought out when grace abound.  The community is strengthened and grows and blooms when we are thinking about and living for each other, when we realize that every action we take and word we speak impacts those around us.  It's been a joy relocating and meeting new people and new neighbors and new, well, everything! 
I know that there is a joy exuding from me...and I know that it is coming from God.  I'm so overjoyed to be jump into the ministry and mission happening in this place!  I know there is joy here....I feel it embracing me, encouraging me to laugh and smile and enjoy life.  Don't get me wrong, I know life isn't always smiles and laughter, but I do know relationships in the grace and joy of God makes those rough spots much more bearable. 

As God's grace abounds...may the joy surround us, embrace us and send us forth with smiles on our faces into the community that God calls us to be!

Pastor Jen

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