Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pieventure 2016

The day began with prepping the crust for the brown butter pumpkin.  Time stamp: 7:50am
Soundtrack: Living Colour - Vivid

After work, the baking began.  Brown butter pumpkin crust par-baked. Time stamp: 4:30pm
On Netflix, Buffy is telling Willow how great Riley is.

As the pumpkin crust cools, cranberry sage is constructed.   Time stamp: 4:52
On Netflix, Spike is wearing Xander's clothes because he shrunk his doing laundry.  

Cranberry sage ready for the oven.  Time stamp: 5:12 pm

Salted caramel apple ready for the oven. Time stamp: 6:39 pm 
On Netflix, Buffy is getting important intel from Professor Walsh at the Initiative.  

Snack break (dough scraps baked with cinnamon & sugar!) Time stamp: 6:41 pm 

2 to go.  Time stamp: 7:44 pm
On Netflix, Faith just woke up from a coma. 

Butter brown pumpkin is in the oven!  Time stamp: 7:54 pm
Note the extra custard baking below. :)

Here they are...mission completed.  Time stamp: 8:44 pm

Pies done, dinner picked up and grapefruit pale ale.  Time stamp: 9:19 pm.  

And now for SNL Thanksgiving Special....a good day.

PS...the extra custard is already gone...and it is delish!

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