Friday, October 21, 2016

oh hey, push notifications....

The past several weeks, I've received friendly reminders from My Fitness Pal.  
They've been pretty friendly, you know the usual, "You haven't logged any food for today.  Would you like to do it now?" 

Each morning I see it, sigh deeply and swipe it away.  
The deep sigh is because I know I need to watch what I'm eating and log my exercise.  
I sigh deeply because this fall seems to have kicked my butt (and it doesn't even feel like fall, but that's not the point).  Between an actual fall and several weeks of recovery and healing and now a week off because of a cold, ugh....I'm deflated.  

So, tomorrow, I will hop on the scale...and start logging again.  
I know this works for me, when I stick to a plan, log the calories and tell others about it, for accountability.
I've been here before, and know I can do this, I just need to start.  

Last time I worked on losing weight, I just took into account the numbers on the scale.  
Tomorrow I'll take some body measurements as well so I have a baseline.  
I plan on posting my weight weekly.  Good times.  
So, dear readers, thanks for reading, for holding me accountable and for your support.  
If you are on a similar journey, let me know how I can support you, too.  
Prayers are appreciated. 
See you on the other side of the scale...

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