Saturday, July 30, 2016

What's next?

Last week's great triathlon experience meant many stories about the day, many accolades and lots of hugs and smiles.  Often following the words of congrats came the question, "So, what's next?"

I've thought about that question often since I came down from the high of the triathlon.  I'd love to do another triathlon this summer/fall.  I looked into races over the next few months and between race schedules and my schedule it looks like one triathlon for 2016. 

The other piece to that is that my next scheduled race is the Rehoboth Marathon in December.  In just over a week, training begins for that.  I will use swimming as my cross training as long as the pool is open.  Swimming has been a great strength building exercise for me.  It is nice to be off my legs for cross training and it has taken me out of my comfort zone. 

Speaking of being outside of my comfort zone, I swam a mile today.  I heard about the Blue Marsh Mile on Wednesday and learned that I could show up this morning, register and I did.  I defaulted to my comfort zone of the breaststroke, but I completed the distance.  I know that for next year's triathlons, I need to work on my open water swimming.  I need to just get out there and practice.  I have the ability...and the strength, it's just overcoming the uncertainty of freestyle in open water. 

I'll get swim at a time. 

With the marathon on the horizon, I'll spend more time running with a focus on endurance, speed and stamina.  I plan on integrating strength training and a focus on diet as well.  I'm excited to return to Rehoboth with a knowledge of the course and race day details. 

Will there be more triathlons in my future?  Heck yeah there will be...but there is plenty of time to think about and prep for those.  In the meantime, I'll run. 

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