Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So it begins...

Here it is, Ash Wednesday. 

The Lenten journey begins as we remember from whence we came and to where it is we will return.

Two years ago, I read and journaled through the 40+ days with the book 40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich  by Lisa Dahill.  Last year, I spent time during the 40+ days taking pictures guided by a word a day for a photo a day.  Although, truth be told, I often was scrambling at the end of the day to find something that fit a word. 

This year, I had hoped to do another 40 day journey, but when I found a different book on Amazon, it wouldn't have been shipped until the end of February.  (This tends to happen when you think about your Lenten practice a week or less before the beginning of the season.) 

I ended up going with Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying with my Pen by Rachel G. Hackenberg.  I'll have to figure out what to do on Sundays, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.  Today's prompt included a poem, a passage from Ezekiel and a question to get the prayer juices flowing.  It was a really cool experience to be guided into putting the prayer on paper without thinking it out first.  I look forward to more prompts and different ways of expressing thoughts, questions and ideas to God. 

Before I did that, this morning, I looked at the Lent Photo a Day Facebook page.   (Feel free to look them up and like them on Facebook.)  You'll see this picture on their facebook page.

Today's word is dust.  My goal is to look at this guide first thing every morning.  And so today I did....and after finishing my written prayer, I snapped this photo.

It all comes back to dust.  

But in the case of my writing prompt this morning, it was dust as a verb.  It got me to thinking and praying about what dust I need God to sweep away out of different areas of my life in order that I may see God and God at work in my life more clearly. 

As this journey begins for you (or doesn't if your faith is different than mine) may you be continue to think about dust.  Whether it reminds you of a mess or the lack of time to clean or the truth of our existence.  

May this season, this journey to the cross, ever and always draw us nearer to God who loves us unconditionally and is always with us. 


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