Sunday, February 8, 2015

A year in 40 pictures.

It's been a great year.

As I entered my 40s last February I thought about keeping track of fun, amazing, life changing events that I could look through as I turned 41.  It would've been super simple.  A jar and some slips of paper.  Maybe that will happen this coming year.  It didn't happen this past year, but here are some pictures that highlight year 40.

1) Breakfast on my 40th Birthday.  Cap'n Crunch french toast :) (With my husband.) 

2) Just another Friday night at Trinity....with over 100 youth at the West Berks Mission District Lock In.  

3) Quality time with my newborn nephew, Chase, and his amazing mom and dad.  

4) Mmmmmm...local breakfast at Shorty's Sunflower cafe, on St. Patrick's Day.  Carbomb pancakes. 

5) Muppets Most Wanted...with Chris (and just 4 other people in the theater.)

6) Good times with the Andersen family in CT.  
After a rainy day inside at the science center, we posed in puddles.  :)

7)  Second female...1st in my age bracket.  

8) #30daysofbiking Day 8:The reward for struggling with the hills. Downhill, that is, into the 19 mph winds.

9)  My yearly Easter morning breakfast selfie with this awesome lady!

10) Inter-office shenanigans.  

11)  A solid run at the Fox Trot 5K...another placement this spring.  

12)  Trying on my class t-shirt from the 5th grade....and it fits.  

13)  How do you eat a cupcake?

14)  FED at the Pocono retreat. 

15) Spring eats: asparagus quiche.  

16) Staff training devos at Bear Creek Camp.  

17) Yay....Joan and Ted are married!  So we posed for a picture, too.  

18) Senior High Beach retreat truck buddies!

19)  Survival snacks for VBS.

20) A peanut butter problem?  I don't think so.  

21)  Ah...the summer harvest.  Local corn for the fritters and the homemade gazpacho. 

22) Photos with minion balloons at 5th quarter.  

23) Holy hops, batman.  

24) Running the Hartford 1/2 with my awesome our husbands watched in the rain.  

25) That time I finished a porknado. 

26) A PR and 2nd female overall! 

27) Family. 

28) This girl. 

29) Great friends and a football game.  

30)  Sneakers for Sarah in Detroit!

31) Moving (fishing) for people Bible Study.  

32) Face timing with my nephew.  

33) Honored to be this little guy's godmother. 

34)  Walking a mile with the love of my life between tasting chocolates, riding the trolley, making our own candy bar and solving the mystery at the 4D theater in Hershey
And that was all before a tasty dinner at Troegs.  

35) Christmas Eve....sockies.  (Sock-selfies?)  Loved the socks on the acolyte next to me...nearly as much as I adore the awesome gal wearing them.  

36) Believe it or not, I maintained my weight between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day!  

37)  Sometimes I need extra motivation in the morning to get to the gym.

38)  Family (aka the group) gathering for a wedding in New York.  A fun walk mid afternoon.  

39)  The joy of enjoy with friends. 

40) Running a 5K with these two amazing chicks.  One completed her first 5K that day.  The other had a C-section just less than two months earlier.  

An excellent year.  One with miles, smiles, good eats and lots and lots of love.  So thankful for all the great folks in my life.  This is just a glimpse into the past 12 months.  I bet I have several more blog posts worth of photos from this past year.  But this was a fun way to see the year.  Thanks for reading/viewing.


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