Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lent-ifornia Dreamin'

I have to admit that the title for today's post is from my amazing friend and colleague, Deborah.

She and I have been dreaming about Lent. Well, maybe not dreaming, actually, but at least thinking, praying about and planning for Lent. 

At Trinity, Robesonia, (the congregation I serve) we have done many things in the season of Lent. Wednesday evening gatherings for soup, bread and dessert followed by a craft or service activity and ending our time together with Holden Evening Prayer.  

Often times, we have shared a devotional composed of Bible verses, prayers and devotionals (many of which are written by Trinity folks) which can be used each day in Lent.  

The devotional will be part of our Lent together, slightly different from years past, but containing daily readings and prayers like in the past. The theme this year is "Selah - A Time for Holy Pause." Hopefully this Lent, we will be able to practice different ways of entering into 'holy pauses' which will give us intentional time to reconnect with God and others through scripture, prayer, and an activity or practice.  

Each week we will focus on a different 'practice' or way of taking time and space to redirect our focus on God and how God is calling us to be part of the world around us. The practices will include, but are not limited to, moving, writing or drawing, music, silence and a few others. I hope that by exploring different practices, we may discover new ways to connect with God and with one another as we all take time to pause amidst a busy life.  

As the devotion takes shape, I would love (like really love) each day to contain a prayer. And here's the thing, I'm not going to write them. Yup, you heard me, I'm not writing the prayers. That's where you, dear readers and friends, come in. I'm inviting you to write a prayer for this devotional. 

Because this is what I know: You all have prayers in your hearts and on your minds that will speak to God in ways that I am not able to put into words.  You all, or your kids or parents, or grandkids or  grandparents, have words to share with God that are holy and wonderful and true to who you are and who God calls you to be.  As unique as they are, these words of yours can and will guide us and connect us.  As folks from Trinity and beyond read and pray through this devotional, you will help us connect with God and with one another. 

AND because I also know this: You absolutely can write a prayer. If you have questions about it, let me know. But, I know you can do it.  

So, dear ones, I invite you to be part of this devotional.  

Here are the nuts and bolts:

If you are willing to write a prayer, please let me know in a comment below or send me the prayer by February 14.  Please include your name and city, state or church family and location.  **Young writers under the age of 18 will be listed by first name and last initial unless guardians request otherwise.

If you are not connected to Trinity, Robesonia, let me know so I can send you a PDF of the completed devotional. 

Thanks for joining us across the miles and through your words and prayers.  

Keep being awesome.  


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

 Keeping it simple today with this fun scarf from a fabulous friend.  

Sometimes that's all you need.  

Until tomorrow...


Monday, January 17, 2022

A snow day by the numbers

1 Book read for work.  

2 Pots of homemade soup   

    Lunch - Tomato (with a side of grilled cheese, of course)

    Dinner - Chicken Noodle

3 Vehicles cleared of snow/slush

4 Slushie/slippery miles first thing this morning

5 number of things I list daily in my gratitude journal

6ish...pieces of torn newspaper stuffed in my running shoes to help them dry out after this morning's run

7 or so times I may have listened to The Family Madrigal from Encanto

8 different selfies taken before I settled on two that would best display today's outfit

9+ puddles I wadded through on my run.  They are far less fun when it's crazy cold outside.  

10th day in a row wearing the wool& dress!   

Until tomorrow...



Sunday, January 16, 2022

Church, cake, chicken & burnt sprouts...

All in all today was a good day.  
Church - check.  In fact, at the end of the late service I was a bit weepy as the organ prelude came to a close and our youngest acolyte finished extinguishing the candles.  Good & holy stuff. 

I made a cake...from the cheese I made yesterday! So it's healthy cake!

I roasted a freakin' delicious chicken. 

While carving said chicken, I burned the Brussels sprouts.  
womp.  womp.

All morning I wore the dress with one of my favorite skirts over it.  I love the skirt, but feel the fit was too tight to layer the dress and the clerics.  

The skirt may come back, next time with the dress knotted on the side.  I'm not sold on it, though.  But it was worth trying something new today.  Especially the extra layer when it was so stinkin' cold out today.  

Until tomorrow...


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Cheese glorious, cheese! (Day 8 in the dress)

Today's adventures included making cheese.  
It's a new hobby.  

The first recipe was ricotta and it was a success.

I kept the outfit simple today...but accented it with my trusty apron,, cheese socks & pink crocks.  

Good times, also good cheese.  

Until tomorrow...


Friday, January 14, 2022

Apron for the win! (Day 7)

Low key clothing day for my day off leggings and sneakers.  

A shout out to Barb (from the congregation I served in Indiana) for the fantastic (and reversible) apron.  

The apron, which I have used in the past, has become a staple when it comes to meal prep & clean up.  

Good stuff.

Keep it clean, friends.

Until tomorrow.  

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Day 6 - walkin' with swagger

I loved my outfit today.  

With the fun leggings I knew I wanted to sport some black boots.  

The only pair I have (at the moment) is the pair of Harley Davidson boots from my mother-in-law.  

Yet, as soon as they were on, I had some swagger in my step.  Good times.  

Billy took the picture so we could send it to his mom.  Not only did she love the outfit, she's interested in the challenge.  It would give her 100 days to accessorize!  Ha!  

I do like these boots, but this has sparked my love of Doc Martens. decide on a pair...

May your outfits inspire your swagger. 

Until tomorrow...