Monday, May 21, 2018


It's been a few weeks since my last weight post on April 30.  
Since then there have been downs and ups, which pretty much is a regular thing for me with this whole weight loss journey.  

April 30 - 149.6
May 7 - 149.4
May 14 - 148.8
Today 152.4

I feel like I'm on repeat.  Down, down, down...up!  

I can pinpoint a few splurges this past week...yesterday's dinner of hoagie dip and cake may not have been the best way to finish a day after homemade pizza for lunch, but it is what it is.  

I can say that the scale continues to be a motivator for me.  I'm not on it every day, but once a week helps me get a good jump start each Monday.  Either I've got something to maintain or I am motivated to make a difference in the coming week.  

So here I sit, hydrating instead of snacking on a Monday afternoon and wondering how the rest of the week will pan out.  This week's work schedule equates to lunches and dinners out on both Tuesday and Wednesday, which means they are out of my personal control.  I know I will be able to make smart choices, but it does make it a bit challenging.  Knowing back to back days of eating out are coming, the workouts will be more focused on a mid of cardio and strength training.  I will spend mornings at the gym, knowing that the rest of the day will be an adventure a good adventure.  

I think that's the other part of this for me, is that I need to continually remind myself that this is a fun adventure.  I know that my body feels better with some pounds gone, and my outward appearance is something that is changing and I feel good about that.  

So yeah, no deep insights today, well except for this one:
Sunday dinner of hoagie dip & cake = a rough (really rough) 5:30am Grit cardio class at the gym on Monday morning.  

Thanks for reading, friends and helping me with butter accountability.  
Here's to a new week and whatever it may bring.  

Until the next post...

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