Tuesday, June 6, 2017


There have been ups and downs over the past few weeks.
I have not been blogging my weight on a weekly basis, but I have stuck to the weekly weigh-ins.

The day after Easter, Billy and I started the South Beach diet.  It is one that has worked well for both of us in the past.  We both saw a drop in weight the first two weeks, which is the strictest phase of the diet.  As we have transitioned into phase 2, we have been a little more lenient.  Hence both ups and downs with the weight.

Here are a few things we have tried to hold true:
1) Fewer carbs - in general.  Instead of carbing up three times a day, we try to have whole grain carbs once a day, if that.  I did notice that during the carb-free phase, my running felt different.  I was definitely eating enough to sustain my running and other cardio, but it just felt different.
Usually my carbs come at breakfast with oatmeal.  That carries me through a run or a bike ride with no tummy troubles.

2) Fewer sweet treats....well, except for the pie and shortcake last week thanks to in season and freshly picked strawberries.  If we are craving a snack in the afternoon or evening, we go for nuts or a piece of fruit instead of cookies, chips or pretzels.

3) Daily exercise.  Billy walks on his lunch break at work.  I am riding, running or cross-training 5-6 times a week.  And, come next week, triathlon training begins. That will kick up my fitness level a bit, in a good way.

4) More protein, veggies and whole grains (when we grain it up!) We are happy it's summer and local produce is abundantly available.  It makes varying up the egg scrambles in the morning simple and fun.  I try to have a salad with both lunch and dinner (thanks for teaching me that, mom.)

5) We log our food.  Yes, this takes time.  Yes, sometimes it can be tedious.  For me, though, it helps me stay accountable.  It helps me see the difference between actually being hungry and just wanting to eat something.  There is a difference.  If I see I have completed my caloric intake for the day, then I have a cup of herbal tea.  If I have some wiggle room, then it's nuts or popcorn or  a piece of dark chocolate.

6)...I almost forgot...we've been eating out far less.  Cooking meals at home means we know exactly what is in it.  No additives or extra preservatives.  In that way, we've been trying to not have processed foods as a go to.  It's not always the case, but I'd much prefer something I made with 5 ingredients rather than the pre-packaged item with 20+ ingredients.

We haven't mastered this yet.  But having a partner going through it, too, makes it easier.

I'll keep you posted on the next weigh-in.  My goal is to get below 150.  I've been there before and I know it's a healthy weight for me to maintain.

Thanks for reading.

Until the next post...

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